Lutterloh Men Special Sewing Patterns Edition #27


Enjoy 70 Men’s Fashion Sewing Patterns in this edition.
Designed for all sizes from 86 cm. (34 inches) to 140 cm.(55 in.) hip and chest contour.



Men sewing patterns any time!

70 great MEN fashion sewing patterns easy to draft made to measure. This edition was created specially to fit, elegant and confortable!
Easy and lovely Lutterloh System Patterns for men works with only two measurements, also for men we use chest contour and hip contour. With the great possibility to interchange sleeves, collars and combine styles.

Choosing and making your own patten, is the ideal way to create your individual style and achieve consistently proper fitting garments. The Lutterloh Pattern Sstem is the perfect solution for today’s busy sewer. Silvia Lutterloh


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